Write Your First AI Course in Lectora

From Simple Variables to Adaptive Learning

You’ve probably heard that Artificial Intelligence needs complex algorithms, but did you know that you can create Artificial Intelligence in Lectora by simply applying actions and variables? Because AI can personalize material based on areas where each learner lacks proficiency, adding a simple algorithm in Lectora can dramatically improve results!

Domenic Caloia, the popular Lectora Master from Sensormatic Solutions (Johnson Controls) and Creator of the Learner Intelligence Model, has a proven method for creating personalized learning, and he’ll demonstrate every step of it.

You’re Invited!

Join us on February 19th at 1:30 pm EST to see Domenic transform simple variables into custom algorithms that will make your eLearning adapt to your learners’ needs.

Highlights include:

  • Defining what a variable is
  • Executing quick variable actions
  • Designing compound variables
  • Writing adaptive AI algorithms, and more!

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Domenic Caloia

Sr. Learning Developer
Sensormatic Solutions

Domenic Caloia has presented at several L&D conferences including the Lectora User Conference. His innovative presentations cover topics such as xAPI and designing for the millennial learner. As Senior Learning Developer at Sensoratic Solutions, a division of the global organization Johnson Controls, Domenic currently specializes in Adaptive Design and Personalized Learning. His unique approach is based on Learner Intelligence (LI) and does not require AI or any proprietary platform.

Domenic Caloia

Sr. Learning Developer
Sensormatic Solutions